Wednesday, 02 September 2015, 07:27:52
Charity Print

Like any other company, Curios-IT provides tools, support and services at a commercial rate. But, Curios-IT is a partner of the RFCF, which stands for the Research For Charity Foundation. This means that our income is not put in a second car or a bigger house. Instead, the RFCF collects our income and puts it into different charities (WWF, Red Cross, Greenpeace, Oxfam and more). This charitable set-up strongly motivates us and makes us most competitive. Should you ever have budget to spare for tools, support or services, you'd best invest it in Curios-IT.



Substructure mining
Substructure mining algorithms provide access to an important repertoire of otherwise neglected chemical descriptors: substructures. Substructure miners learn interesting substructures from a dataset by performing many substructure searches. Substructure miners are therefore at least complementary to other methods of chemical data mining, especially in terms of interpretation. This page conceptually discusses what substructure miners do, and notes a few of AweSuM’s features.