Friday, 03 July 2015, 11:37:36
Charity Print

Like any other company, Curios-IT provides tools, support and services at a commercial rate. But, Curios-IT is a partner of the RFCF, which stands for the Research For Charity Foundation. This means that our income is not put in a second car or a bigger house. Instead, the RFCF collects our income and puts it into different charities (WWF, Red Cross, Greenpeace, Oxfam and more). This charitable set-up strongly motivates us and makes us most competitive. Should you ever have budget to spare for tools, support or services, you'd best invest it in Curios-IT.



To predict or not to predict?

A near-infinite number of endpoints are important before compounds can be released into the environment or market. To name a few: target affinity, solubility, stability and specificity. It is not always possible to build substructure-based models that are sufficiently predictive for each endpoint, but it is always possible to maximise the chemical knowledge that you extract from your data.